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If you were placed on a 2024-25 team, you and your family will be receiving a follow up email within 24 hours. This email will contain important information and will include a Team Placement acceptance form for athletes.
For the next 24 hours, please refrain from contacting any of our staff to discuss team placements


Every year all of our competitive teams have some permanent placements and some alternate placements. Alternate athletes are those athletes that have the potential to be a part of the performing team, but may require additional training in order to solidify a spot on the the performing team. These athletes have still made the team and are a true part of the team, meaning that they will be required to attend the same camps, choreography, and practices that all other athletes on the team do. However, they may not be guaranteed to perform at competitions/events with the team at every or any of their performances. Coaches determine permanent placements at the end of summer.

EX: Coaches may decide they want to compete with 15 athletes on the mat this season for a given team. After tryouts, 10 permanent spots and 7 alternate spots may be given. This means that of the 7 alternates, at least 5 of them have the opportunity to earn a permanent spot by the end of summer, while the other 2 will remain as alternates. 


NOTE: Although we call them “permanent spots”, athletes have the opportunity to lose their permanent spot and move into an alternate position if their grades are poor, they face an injury that prevents them from participating, or if they demonstrate poor sportsmanship/behavior. At this point, coaches will look to alternates to fill their spots. 

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